Unique Thai Experience: Treepod Dining

While I have been to Phuket, one of the places I wish I had known about earlier is situated on the Thai Island of Koh Kood. Here you will find an amazing 5 star resort called Soneva Kiri that is home to a unique dining experience called: “Treepod Dining”.

Soneva Kiri.jpg

You can now feast on a gourmet cuisine 20 feet up in the native masang trees, on one side overlooking a lush rainforest and on the other, serene turqoise waters. Perhaps you’d like to come early to catch the sunrise during breakfast, but incase you aren’t an early bird, don’t worry as you can reserve your table for lunch, high tea and even dinner. Doesn’t this sound magical? What makes it even better is that you will have your own personal waiter delivering you the delicious food using zip-line acrobatics!

Perfect for an anniversary or maybe an unforgettable birthday gift for a loved one. Definitely on my bucketlist.

What about yours?

To find out more check out Soneva Kiri’s website.

• Image Credit: https://www.soneva.com/soneva-kiri/experiences/treepod-dining/


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