Blend of Persia and Russia: Tajikistan Tearoom in Berlin

When you are planning your trip to Berlin, you will obviously find Checkpoint Charlie, the Brandenburg Gate, and Alexanderplatz mentioned everywhere. But instead of these touristy places, let me suggest something a little different.

The Tajikistan Tearoom in Berlin was a fantastic experience. Not only was it cozy and decorated beautifully but its history was also very interesting. In the 1970’s it was built specifically as a Tajikistani pavilion at one of the Leipzig Trade Fairs. When it ended, it was given as a gift by the Soviet Republic of Tajikistan to their hosts.

IMG_3104 (2)

What is so great about this place is that it represents Tajikistan perfectly, especially the blend of Russian and Persian culture. On one hand you have the Persian styled carved pillars, intricately designed carpets, low tables, colorful cushions and other oriental decorations. On the other, there are Russian maps, wall art and a typical Russian water heater “samovar” to be seen.

In terms of the menu, while most of the teas offered had more of an Asian twist to them, the food was definitely all Russian, featuring delights such as Pierogi, Blini and Pelmeni amongst others.


When I read the description for the Lommonossow Tea which was “light and smooth from the Eastern Banks of the Black Sea, served with jam and rumraisins“, I was enticed. It was different from any tea I had ever tried, and would definitely recommend it to you. If you are going with a group, try out the “Russian Tea Ceremony”.

Doesn’t it look absolutely splendid? A hidden gem.

IMG_3142 (1)

Some More Information:

  • Opening Times: Mondays (16-22), Tuesdays-Fridays (16-23) and Weekends (12-23)
  • Address: Oranienburger Str. 27, 10117 Berlin
  • You will need to remove your shoes outside so I recommend wearing socks.
  • You can’t pay by card. Bring cash along!
  • Better to reserve under: (030) 204 11 12

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