Electric Cinema in London: Coziest Cinematic Experience


Photography Credits: Electric Cinema (https://www.instagram.com/electricportobello/)

One of London’s oldest cinemas (over 100 years old!) offers you a cinematic experience like no other. At “The Electric” in Notting Hill, you can chose to watch a movie either in a luxurious armchair, a romantic 2-seater sofa or even a cozy velvet-lined double bed! They even provide cashmere blankets to snuggle up in.


Photography Credits: Electric Cinema (https://www.instagram.com/electricportobello/)

What makes it even more enjoyable is that you can get yourself a delicious snack from the bar and diner, or if you have booked a sofa at the back, you can even have a waiter deliver you these treats!



  • Armchairs are £19 pp
  • Beds are £35 for 2 people
  • Back row sofa’s are £45 for 2 people
  • Recommendation: sharing a bed is actually a better deal than getting two armchairs!


  • 191 Portobello Road
  • Nearest station: Ladbroke Grove

Opening Times

Next time you want to watch the latest box office snuggled up, sipping on wine and eating some fried fingerfood, you know where to come. Would also make an excellent date!


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