The Hidden Tuscan Jewl: Castello Di Sammezzano

If you are planning to visit Tuscany, you have one more place to add to your itinerary!

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Moorish castles in all of Italy is the Castello di Sammezzano. It is an absolute jaw dropper! This majestic attraction, with 365 rooms, is hidden away in the TuscanĀ hills of Northern Italy, and has an interesting history behind it.


Photography Credits: Giuseppe Flavio Pagano (

It was originally built over 400 years back in 1605 by a Spanish noblemen called Ximenes de Aragon, after which it was later on inherited by Ferdinand Ximenes in the 19th century. The plan was to remodel it to showcase the Revival of Moorish architecture, but it went on to become a luxury hotel after WWII. Unfortunately this did not last long, and was abandoned.


Photography Credits: Giuseppe Flavio Pagano (

For a long time commitees and organizations such as the FPXA in Italy were trying to bring it back into the spotlight as it had been deteriorating, which is why a Dubai-based company has now placed an offer of roughly 18 million dollars to purchase the castle and the park grounds. Hopefully it will be open again to the public, but until then, it is necessary to book a tour via the website mentioned below.









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